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Brilliant content marketing from awesome brands

The following examples highlight how big and small brands managed to create something valuable, relevant and consistent to their audience

Content marketing is a marketing technique focused on creating relevant and creative content in order to attract customers and prompt them to act. It is a technique that can be learned and polished with time. If you are interested in starting a content marketing program, then you do not have to worry about your experience and expertise in the art. Learning from some of the biggest and most successful brands on the internet is a surefire way of getting on the right track from the very beginning. The following examples highlight how big and small brands managed to create something valuable, relevant and consistent to their audience

In order for you to benefit from these examples, they have been classified into different types of content that will usually feature in a content marketing program

  • How-to content
  • Shareable visual content
  • Curation and crowdsourcing
  • Behind the scenes content marketing
  • Brand building at an advanced level

How-to content examples

  • Anthropologie and their DIY drink recipes

This company has mastered the art of releasing DIY cocktail recipes that their customers can make on their own at home. These recipes are particularly effective because they are seasonal and timely. The drink recipes work to gain customer trust and attention because they are not an obvious play for sales. Rather, these DIY recipes serve to position Anthropologie as an authority figure on all things pertaining to drinks. This will definitely feature in the minds of consumers when it comes to buying drinks later on.


  • Wistia and its learning center videos

Wistia has also mastered the simple concept of using videos as content for their content marketing programs. These videos are aimed at viewers who want to be better video marketers. They are short, sweet and straight to the point. Watching the videos alone will give you a lot of background and helpful tips on how to make your own videos for your content marketing program.


  • American Express and Business Owners

American Express shows us the value of positioning yourself as a thought leader and a partner to business owners. By publishing high quality posts centered on issues that are dear to business owners, American Express forges a lasting relationship that will set it apart from the rest of the competition in the field. You do not have to guess who will be preferred by business owners when they are in the market for corporate credit cards.


Shareable Visual Content

  • Lana Del Ray and GIF images

Lana Del Ray is a musician who used plenty of exciting and viral GIFs on Tumblr to promote her new album in 2014. These were images that did not take a lot of extra effort to create but due to their highly entertaining and viral nature, her message was able to get out to millions of people without any extra effort on her part. The parting shot from this example is that recycling content in short and shareable snippets that are visually appealing will go a long way in making your content marketing program successful.


  • Callaway Golf and their amazing YouTube channel

Observing and going through Callaway Golf’s YouTube channel will give you all the information you need on how to create and maintain a highly popular and successful video channel for all your potential customers. By creating videos that are not overly promotional or targeted at selling, Callaway Golf has managed to attract potential customers and achieving their goals with ease. Remember to create content that adds value to the client’s life and you will be on the path to creating a virtuous cycle that will benefit everyone involved.


  • Beats by Dre Instagram account

While you are not expected to operate on the level of a company such as Beats by Dre from the beginning, it is useful to watch and learn how they have used their Instagram account to promote their brand and win over undecided customers. Sharing celebrity filled photos of famous people using their headphones and short videos coupled with commentary on current events have served to put them at the top of the headphones market. There are many lessons to emulate from this account that can comfortably fit in with your content marketing program.


Curation and crowdsourcing

  • Arcade Fire’s and their Fan-sourced Gallery\

A peek into Arcade Fire’s fan sourced gallery will give you a lot of useful information on how you can create high quality content without going to too much trouble yourself. Crowdsourcing allows you to interact directly with your consumer base, while also providing fresh content that is relevant to all your websites and social media account. Highly devoted fans and customers benefit from the publicity of their work. This is another example of a virtuous cycle at work.


  • Virgin Atlantic and Curated Instagram Galleries

Curation is another option that you can pursue in your content marketing programs. For example, Virgin Atlantic has used Curation to great benefit on Instagram. By leveraging the images of Tokyo based instagrammers, the brand is able to showcase the local culture of Tokyo from the eyes of the people who are on the ground. This makes for highly relevant and shareable content.


  • Curata and Slideshare

If you are pressed for time and energy, then you can follow Curata’s example and create a very meaningful presentation full of quotes on content marketing. Each slide contains the actual quote and the Twitter handle of the person who came up with the quote. While this is not original content, some careful selection can create high quality content that will reach your audience and leave a lasting impact on them.



Leveraging your behind the scenes experience

  • Disney and their Behind the scenes magic

Disney, through its Disney Parks Blog, has an entire category devoted to showing fans how the magic that they see on the screen was created. This is important as showing people the process behind the making of their favorite items will undoubtedly endear them even more to the product. This is a useful lesson to bear in mind when making your content marketing program.


  • The White House

Believe it or not, you can actually learn a lot from the White House on how to leverage behind the scenes content. By showcasing a behind the scenes look into the activities of the president and the First Lady in 2014, The White House allows citizens and people all over the world to feel included in the world of their foremost representatives as they tackle sensitive issues and as they also have fun and enjoy life. Showing behind the scenes images and videos of company leaders and other people in positions of responsibility can also work wonders with your audience.


  • Google and Microsoft explaining how things are made and produced

Microsoft clever two minute video that explains how they made the commercial of the Surface Pro 3 gives fans a detailed view of how the commercial was produced while also reinforcing the product in their minds. Google takes the time to produce highly educative and entertaining videos that show how the images that form the core of their Street view also captures the attention of the public while raising awareness for their Street View project.


Brand Building at an advanced level

  • New Belgium and its well balanced blog

New Belgium will show you how a well balanced company blog should be run and managed. The blog also gives visitors a very close look at the energy and adventurous nature of the company’s brand. It also helps that the blog does not go through long lulls of silence, as the blog is updated at least once each and every week. This gives readers the drive to keep checking back for updates. This has the effect of making the audience feel connected to the brand on a personal level.

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