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How to write a good content brief

The more inclusive your content brief, the higher the likelihood your content creators will create awesome content, you’ll be pleased with.

If you want to come up with a great content marketing program or a great content brand, you will need more than isolated wins on the internet. This means that small (or even big wins) that are not followed up by something else bigger or on the same level will not get you where you want to be. You need to have a series of home runs in your content marketing program in order to gain the momentum that you need to take your brand to the next level.

Studies have shown that having a series of home runs in your content marketing program will keep your target audience glued in with more intensity than if you had average content marketing programs that had a series of isolated wins. The residual effect of the big home runs would be higher and more powerful than the highest peak that a small, well written piece would have elevated your content brand.

The question therefore becomes this: how do you ensure that you hit a perfect home run nearly every time that you launch your content marketing programs? In many cases, the marketers are not directly involved in designing or creating the content that will be used in their programs. Other people who may not have the clarity of mind or grasp what is at stake may be the ones toiling to produce the content that will catapult your brand into the stratosphere or banish it into the arctic of content brands.

As such, the only way that you can properly exert control over the whole process and ensure that it is likely to produce the home runs that you want to see is through the content brief. This means that your content brief should be written in such a way that it will inspire the writers to embody and personify your spirit and vision into the words that they write or type. This will then lead to a series of well thought out home runs. This will take you a few steps closer to your goal of being an internationally acclaimed content brand.

The basics of writing a content brief

Writing any content brief worth its salt is a fairly easy task to get out of the way as quickly as possible. As long as you include the basic ingredients of creating a brief for your writers, you will be okay and ready to fire the guns at the statistics. The following are some of the fundamental things that should never miss from your content brief:

  • Goals

No brief is complete without a precise objective being aimed at. It could be that you want your brand to be a thought leader in society. Or maybe you want to leverage your company and influence people to buy particular goods and services, while netting you some money because of their referrals. Having clear goals and objectives is half the battle.

  • Target audience

It is also very important for your content brief to have a clear and very specific target audience. Knowing who to reach will prepare your content creators to come up with specific messages that speak to the heart of your target audience more effectively than if they were just generic messages aimed at reaching anyone and everyone.

  • What to take home from the content

You will also need a short but succinct list of the main points that you want your target audience to take away from your content marketing program. This will act as a sort of anchor to your writers and creators.

  • Support points

Your content brief should also have points that will give your audience enough reason to trust and believe what you are saying. This is important if your content is to be trustworthy and shared with other people, an important factor for scoring a home run.

  • Tone of voice

The brief should also be able to convey what type of tone your brand will be telling the story in. it could be serious, presidential, fun or hard hitting. This will depend on how you want your content brand to be perceived.

  • Executional notes

The brief should have a lot of information on timelines and deadlines, as well as guidelines on the budget and the format of the content. This will prevent any breakdowns in communication.

These are the basic, fundamental building blocks of any content brief. However, if you want to score a series of home runs and spark your content brand, then there are more critical elements that will be required. A little more spice is needed to change your content brief from a normal, everyday brief to a home run brief. The following are some of these critical elements:

  • Ambition

One of the most important things that you can do to make your content brief exceptional is to communicate your wishes to your content creation team. Imbue them with the sense that your project has high ambitions and wants to surpass the ordinary limits of a successful marketing program. This will guide them and hopefully motivate them to put their best efforts while creating your content.

  • Psychographics

While it is important to know who your target audience is, it is even more important to have a concrete idea of what people in your target audience believe in. Knowing their tastes and preferences will enable your message to create resonance with them. When this happens, you will have successfully managed to create a meaningful relationship with potential customers. Your message will have reached home. This is what is necessary for a home run.

  • The emotional target

Each home run content brief will have a summary of what you want your audience to feel about the issue that you will be talking about. Do you want to rile them up, motivate them or even challenge them into action? These are things that you should communicate clearly in your brief, so that your content creators can know how to write the content in such a way that it conveys your feelings to the target audience.

  • The key insight

Home run content always has a shining diamond of an issue that is the central focus of everything. Make sure that you have a central issue that you want to direct the attention, thoughts and emotions of your target audience. This shining diamond will connect all threads in your story and provide you with a strong finish that will captivate your audience and ensure that your content piece becomes a home run overnight. This is something that you should strongly reference in your content brief.

  • Have a world view

It is also important to ensure that your content reflects the fact that your brand exists in a marketplace that is constantly changing and effecting change in a myriad ways that can scarce be comprehended. Having a world view will expand the minds of your audience, while laying out the specifics of your own place in the market place will give them motivation to rise up to the call of action that you will give in your content.

  • The competitive content

A great content brief will also show the content creators the latest similar content that has been created and released by other competitors in the same field or niche as you are. This will help them come up with something better that is more specific and aimed at solving needs or answering questions that have not yet been answered. This will make your great content more relevant and more capable of scoring multiple home runs.

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